How to look good bald?


One of the main changes that occur when one is getting old is the loss of hair. It is believed to be a normal thing that happens to every human being but common in male then in female. Death, taxes, and the loss of hair are the three essential certainties about a man’s life. It is extremely difficult to find a suitable hairstyle that will fit you once you start losing your hair. This is because the percentage of hair that keeps removing when one is growing old increases. While some people go with the option of adopting a toupee or the use of hair implants, some other individuals just try going to the salon every time to look for the hairstyle that will hide this baldness.

The good news about baldness is that a higher percentage of ladies prefer dating guys with baldness. Women perceive bald men to be more dominant. It has even been discovered that most celebrities prefer bald hair because it makes them look pure instead of them trying to be another person with their hairstyle, and this look is fairly easy for men to maintain. All you need is a razor; you can even decide to shave your hair to a short buzz cut. One needs one of the best balding clippers to have a wonderful look. Proper attention and care are essential to take care of baldness. Moisturization and the use of proper shaving methods to keep the baldness in good condition will help.

Hair or bald: make a decision

Over the years, a lot of people do not want to look bald because they do not know steps to take to look good with the bald head. Thus they tend to go for therapies. If you are capable of going for a hair transplant, it would be a good idea, but if not, it is very important that you know how to look good bald

Some of the tips you need to look good bald are;

  • Consider Tanning

This is one of the secrets to looking good with a bald. Tan looks good, but you need to do it in the right way, or you might regret doing it because it is all about risking your health. There are some examples of things you can do to encourage the process if you want to consider this option. Like kayaking, swimming or hiking outside. Apart from the fact that they are a good source of tan, it also helps to have a muscular physique.

If you are a type of person who can leave your skin super pale, then you are going to appear sickly. You don’t have to get extremely tan to look good; you can just add a little color to your skin. If you are leaving in a sunny area, getting tan will be a lot easier. Start the tanning after you finish shaving the hair because if you decide to tan before you shave your hair, then there is a higher probability of you having a pale scalp and darker body.



You may be confused and ask the question, why beard? One important advantage of beard for man is that it helps to balance out the overall appearance of their body. It is not until you grow some god-like beard or something that makes you gather or accumulate 100,000 likes on Instagram. But even just a little bit of short, coarse hair can help add an entirely new dimension to the look. If you decide to grow a beard, try to maintain it. Even just a little application of beard oil or face cream can help extremely not only to soften the beard follicles, but it will also ensure that you don’t start having an itchy problem or dry looking beard which will make a face looks bad. Then if you know the budget at hand cannot afford this beard oil, you can go for a cheaper beard balm. If possible, you can get straight jojoba oil. All will have the same effect.



When you are bald, you are bound to look more dominant and powerful. If you try and add muscle with this, then it will help enhance this look. Make sure you hit a local gym and start working on your weight. As you continue doing this, you will start putting some body mass on your body, and if you continue this way, you should be then on your way to having an attractive bald look.

If you know you want to look good with your bald and you want people to appreciate you. Few things can help you in achieving this. You can’t change your physical features like the shape of your nose or height except you want to go for surgery which you don’t need at all, but you have the power to change your actual. Other mirror things will answer the question, how to look good bald and they are;

  • Use a constant barber – this will go a long way in answering the question; how to look good bald? This is because; sticking to a single barber will give you a constant haircut. Changing hands may affect your entire look, thus giving you a bad look.
  • Be happy – to look good bald; it is very important that you look happy now and then. Always give a smile, and this will make you give an answer to the question, how to look good bald?
  • Try out different haircut – if your baldness is a mirror, it is good that you try out some different haircuts to find a suitable one. A barber can help with this.

Also, one of the worst things you can do is to deviate. Combing regularly to prevent baldness is not the best option. People will notice anyway, and it will only look as if you are embarrassing yourself when you are doing this. Instead, just embrace the baldness and live with it. Doing this will give you respect and will also help several people with baldness around gain from the good decision you made. Studies have shown that men with baldness always appear to be two inches taller than men who still have all their hair.

Whether you hate your bald hair or you are tired of taking care of it, you have to make a choice yourself because this is all about your body but am sure every one of us surely wants to look good. There is no point in being a bald man in between stages of indecisiveness. Either you go for hair therapy, or you are just embracing your baldness. Bald men can easily pull off the powerful, tough look which you see in people like THE ROCK, the man who is considered to be the fittest man on the planet. To look good and fit, you have to have low body fat and high muscle mass. Some factors sometimes determine whether a bald head will fit an individual. For example, the skull abnormalities like unusual peaks, valleys, dents, or even incline in the hair. The head symmetry, head shape, and the skin tone of an individual determine whether bald hair is a good option.


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