The Two Known Methods of Permanent Facial Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can make you feel bad, it makes one feel ugly. It can be a problem to one’s desired level of appeal, perhaps even lower self-esteem. This is much true when unwanted hair is present in the face. While it is always a good idea to get rid of unwanted hair, you can remove facial hair by several methods of hair removal like threading, plucking, waxing and depilatory use. These methods of hair removal aim for one result, however, the effect produced by them is never long that facial hair is visible as fast as 20 days. Don’t you think it’s time for you to invest in permanent facial hair removals?

Here are some methods of permanent facial hair removal for men and women that can help you look and feel good your entire life:

There are two popular forms of hair removal that can be used safely on face. These are electrolysis and laser permanent facial hair removal. Both methods are being practiced by medical practitioners, usually cosmetologists. These methods may also require you a series of clinic sessions before taking effect.

Electrolysis is a method of permanent facial hair removal most popular for using electric current to eliminate unwanted hair. Electrolysis is a procedure that involves insertion of a small needle or probe into the hair follicle to heat and drive it off. Thermal energy destroys the growth center of each strand of hair. The downside of electrolysis is that one needs to use it per hair strand for it to become effective; indeed, it requires a lot of time and effort. This procedure may also be quite painful.

Laser hair removal is another method of permanent facial hair removal that uses a laser, an intense, pulsating beam of light. Unlike electrolysis, laser permanent facial hair removal painless. This kind of medical procedure uses laser to remove hair from the skin. The laser damages the hair follicle which inhibits the further growth of hair. Complete removal of hair from the skin is observed only after a series of successful meetings and maintenance treatments may be necessary from time to time. This kind of permanent facial hair removal technique works best in people who have light complexion but are with dark colored hair.

While both electrolysis and laser permanent facial hair removal give you more than satisfactory results, both can also be expensive, that’s why we call it “investment”.


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