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What are the benefits and harmful effects of Finasteride?

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is a 5-alpha reeducates inhibitor that is basically used in curing the male pattern hair loss. This is also helpful to stimulate the re-growth of the hairs. This is the treatment of the benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in the male member who has the enlarged prostate. You can consult the best surgeon for the hair transplant in India.

Why should Finasteride be used?

When the testosterone of the male member gets converted in the DHT, this is also connected to the androgen receptor. This will lead to the problem of the hair fall.

In order to reduce the reduction of the hair fall, you have to consume the DHT blocker named Finasteride. This will lead to stop the conversion and also prevent the hair fall problem.

How DHT causes hair fall?

  • Hair growth is the mainly occurred due to the cells present at the root of the hair shaft. Commonly known as dermal papilla.

  • These cells get divided and also start to create the new hair follicles.

  • Dermal papilla requires the necessary nutrients in order to promote the hair growth.

  • When the hair growths are converted to the DHT, then there will be more loss of the hair.

How Finasteride works and helps to reduce hair fall?

  • Finasteride contains the special type of inhibitor that is an enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of the testosterone to the DHT

  • Finasteride is responsible for regulating the production of the dihydrotestosterone

  • Finasteride works as the binder to the DHT. This will also stop the transmission of the DHT to the different hair follicles.

  • This will also do the shrinkage of the hair follicles and this will also short the growing phase.

  • When you lower the DHT level, it is responsible for reversing the harmful effects of the hair follicles. This will also stimulate the growth of the hair.

  • This is also useful to reduce the DHT concentration in the serum,

How is Finasteride different from natural DHT blockers?

  • This is an approved treatment for the hair loss. It has been approved by FDA.

  • Studies have shown that Finasteride has reduced the DHT level to approx 71%.

  • This will work in both areas like the front area and the back area of the hairs.

Medical uses of Finasteride

  • Finasteride is used to treat the male pattern hair loss problem.

  • Finasteride is used to treat overall risk of prostate cancer

  • Finasteride is used to treat acute urinary retention

Adverse effects of Finasteride

  • There are some patients who have the problem of the brain fog and the cognitive impairment.

  • Sometimes Finasteride will change the immune system of the man. This will lead to the problem of cancer.