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What are Micrografts and Minigrafts?

In the strip surgery mini and micro both types of grafts are created. It is the style of the early 2000’s in which pairing of 3-10 hairs is taken in the graft and transplanted in the recipient sites. But in the micro grafts 1-2 hair are taken in grouping to recreate the hair line.

How Minigrafts and Micrografts are different from the hair plugs?

Hair plugs are the next logical progression of mini and micro grafts in which the 4-5 mm punches device to extract the hairs for transplantation. Micrografts are smaller than Minigrafts which are smaller than hair plugs. So the hair plugs are the largest grouping of hair.

After the introduction of the stereoscopic microscope method of transplanting hair grafts get obsolete and the trend of mini and micro grafts come in front  to give the finer results to the patients.

Disadvantages of Minigrafts and Micrografts

With the advancements of technology, micro and mini grafts methods is considered as the outdated for the transplantation for the following reasons.

  • These grafts require the multiple sessions for the successful completion of the hair transplant procedure so there is time constraint for Minigrafts and Micrografts. Even sometime the procedure gets longer till 1-2 years. So these grafts method cannot be compared with the FUT or FUE methods which give the fine results in the few hours.
  • These Minigrafts and the Micrografts are inferior than the follicular units as the FUs have less supporting tissue around them but at the time of density and coverage follicular units can work better than micro and Minigrafts
  • While scooping out the micro and Minigrafts extra skin tissue also get extracted however this skin is not necessary for the hair growth. This removal of extra skin wider the scars and even gives the scars called ridging.
  • In the micro grafts and Minigrafts procedure as the incisions are larger than FU so recovery time is also longer as the wider wound takes a long time to get healed. This method also increases the chances for complications during the recovery sessions.