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Tips for Men to Retain Well Maintained Hairs

It is easy to find products in the market that boast to provide healthy hairs. But a term healthy hair never exists. Hairs are made of protein and keratin and do not contain blood vessels or nerves. Hairs are actually dead cells so they cannot be healthy. Instead you should say good maintenance of hairs. If damage occurs, the best option is to cut the damaged part. In order to maintain the strength of your hairs and their shine, you should follow these tips:


  1. Drying hair is the major cause of hair damage in men. Wet hairs are highly prone to damage, in fact when hairs are rubbed with a towel, they are stretched to the damage level. Instead you should shake out the extra water and stroke your hair in the growth direction. If you want to use hair dryer, use thermal styling spray to secure them from damage
  2. Do not use very hot water that removes essential oils from hair and scalp and causes dryness
  3. Do not over use coloring and drying your hairs because it causes their damage.
  4. Use a good shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your hair, increase moisture and flexibility and smoothen the cuticle to increase their brightness.
  5. Do not comb on wet hair because it will make hair more vulnerable. While combing the wet hair, you should use broad tooth comb and softly remove the tangles. Do not use warm tools like dryers or irons that can severally dry and damage hair. People who use brush on wet hair, should only use broad tooth brush.
  6. A healthy body has good hairs. So eat a good diet, drink sufficient of water, sleep adequately and prevent stress. In this way your scalp will be healthy and will contain good hairs. A healthy lifestyle has a significant impact on the hair growth.
  7. Do not wear tight hats because it may result into traction alopecia due to which hairs are removed from scalp. In case they are removed widely, the damage lasts permanently. Wearing tight hat or making ponytail result into scalp cuticle damage.
  8. The best method to remove damaged hair is to cut that section, trimming your hairs on regular basis prevents the split ends.
  9. Lack of moisture and protein can make hairs frizzy. So use good quality moisturizing conditioner and smoothing serum to apply on your hairs