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This is what it takes to regain your hair with a hair transplant

This is what it takes to regain your hair with a hair transplant

If you are one of the millions around the globe with a stressed face and right now being called all sorts of names, a hair transplant can alter your appearance to help you fall into the league again. Trust me, even Wayne Rooney currently rolls around the streets with a finely transformed head and what about you?

The high-tech surgery (hair transplant) is a personal treatment that is remarkably praised around the globe for transforming lives. When professionally and artistically conducted, no trace is left, but rather natural results to help you enjoy life to the fullest. Therefore, this is how to regain your hair with a hair transplant;

  • Reach out to a unique Hair Transplant Surgeon

Many hair transplant centers have their own protocols utilized while conducting hair transplant surgeries, but each patient requires a unique approach. This is basically because of the difference in hair loss, texture, suitable hair transplant technique and tools utilized during hair transplantation. An experienced surgeon will aesthetically create a new hairline and help you attain the best results from the procedure.

  • FUE or FUT

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) are the basic hair transplantation techniques used in the hair transplantation sector. It is important to know that these techniques are almost the same, but the extraction approach is certainly different. With the FUE, only sharp instruments like micro punches are utilized to extract individual hair follicles, whereas, with the FUT, a blade is used to cut a strip of hair from the back of the head. The strip is dissected into individual hair follicles that are inserted into the tiny incisions in the recipient region.

  • Anaesthesia is used during the surgery

Anaesthesia basically eliminates pain and discomfort during the surgery. In some patients, general anaesthesia is used, whereas in others, local anaesthesia is used and in this case, you will be listening to music or reading a novel. It is quite necessary to inform your surgeon about any history of anaesthesia reactions to prevent complications.

  • You may have to sit for 8 hours

Certainly yes, in case you desire to alter your look. Most surgeries only last for 7, 8 or 9 hours, but in case one has to correct extreme levels of baldness, scheduling another sitting is necessary. However, opt for a well-trained surgeon as conducting a hair transplant in different sittings may result in unnatural results.

  • Pricetag

Regaining your hair via a hair transplant in India may require a total of Rs. 70, 000. However, your hair transplant cost is significantly influenced by the number of grafts to extract and implant as well as the technique used.