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Hair Transplant


Transplantation is the shifting of follicular units or the mini or Micrografts from one stable site of the scalp to the bald portion.


In the Minigrafts and Micrografts methods hair bearing skin is removed from the permanent zone of the scalp that has the loss resistant and best quality hair follicles.
This removal of grafts has been done under the local anesthesia so that patient can get treatment with the painless method. The removed strip of follicles from the permanent fringe of the scalp is transplanted carefully to recreate the hair line and cover the bald areas.

This procedure can be performed in the multiple sessions of 1-2 hors depending upon the required number of grafts.

However there must be equal interval of time between the two sessions of the transplantation sessions’


Types of hair transplants

Micrografts/Minigrafts method

It is the early grafting method and even known as the punch grafting. In this type of procedure comparatively larger area is covered by extracting the strip of hair bearing skin contain the circular grafts containing even up to 15 hairs. This best is suitable to cover the large areas but cannot restore the natural appearance of the hair.

FUT method

It is the method of follicular grafts in which the strip of hair bearing skin has been removed but dissected into the natural grouping of hair 1-4. This can also be used to restore the higher density of hair in shorter time. Even the mega sessions can be used to cover the larger areas. This method leaves the linear scars on the permanent zone of the scalp called donor site.

FUE method

It is the method in which hair follicles are removed individually from the donor part of the head according to the loss resistant and then directly transplanted in the recipient site. This method can give the finest results of transplantation and even leave sonly the tiny scars as for extraction micro punches of having diameter less than 1mm are used that leaves only tiny holes in the donor part.


In the micro and Minigrafts methods patient get recover in the longer time however in the latest method procedures like FUE patient can recover in #-4 days and can resume his activities without any complications.


With the refinement in the hair transplant procedures the methods are becoming more delicate and magnificent so for such advanced procedure there is great need of experience.
Dr. K. K. Arora has more than 25 years of experience in performing the FUT and FUE surgery with the natural and lifetime results.

Before & After Gallery

You can visit the before and after images gallery of the hair transplant patients to consider the success ratio of Dr. Arora in performing each FUT or FUE surgery.
At Satyam patients are asked to give photos before the procedure and even requested to visit the center for their regular check up for growth of hair after 3,6 and 12 months and for giving the photos of their treated area to keep the record for the successful surgeries.