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Complete Hair Transplant Solution

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Tempting FUE hair transplant for bald men

Pattern baldness targets not just men even also women however it occurs more frequently in men. That’s why the cosmetic industry has dig out the most successful hair transplant techniques that can serve the needs of men around the world. Among of which the most common is FUE Hair Transplant in Wollongong provided by Satyam Clinic.

Traditional methods to prevent hair loss

  1. Herbal remedies
  2. Foams
  3. Wigs
  4. Shampoos
  5. Nanofibre sprays

Few of these remedies might prevent hair loss but not significantly. Losing hair can be a trauma for anyone who experiences it. The best remedy is hair transplant.

Hair loss problems are increasing widely in men such as 30% of men experience hair fall in their 30s and 80% of men report a serious hair loss when they go above 70.

Causes of hair loss

The causes of hair loss are well noticed however mildly understood by most of people who face it. Common causes claimed by people are:

  1. Blocked pores
  2. Excessive shampooing and dying
  3. Extensive Combing

But the major cause of hair loss is genetic susceptibility. A hormone named as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes the hair fall. It results into miniaturization in the lean areas such as forehead hence stops the development of hairs.

FUE for every bald man

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is specifically chosen as the modern surgical technique for hair loss prevention with mild pain. A hair transplant is based on the principle of donor availability. A transplanted follicle continues to nurture as a natural hair.

  • Follicles are extracted from the back and sides of the scalp these are the insensitive areas to DHT
  • The surgeon gives the sense of transplant with an aesthetic touch to offer the consistency with normal density.
  • Right follicle is placed into the correct place at the correct angle

Why baldness treatment is essential

The main reason that a man has to invest a price of brand car on a group of hairs is:

  1. A head with good density of hairs is a sign of masculinity
  2. It increases sexual appeal
  3. No need to use wigs neither accept the traumatic procedures
  4. Successful hair transplants give richer source of hair that look natural and grow naturally.

So contact our surgeon at Satyam Clinic for FUE hair transplant cost in Wollongong to plan your procedure.

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