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Hair Transplant in Sydney

World best hair transplant

100% natural and safe results, specialized and certified surgeon having 20+ years experience


Hair transplant is surgical procedure under which the healthy follicles are extracted and transplanted from the donor area and the bald area respectively. It is possible today to have this treatment without any kind of complications and risks but if only you are taking the treatment from the expertise surgeon and from the best center.

We have handled number of successful cases of hair transplant in Sydney that were really hard and complicated yet we got 100 % feasible results after the surgeries.

But before taking the treatment there are mainly 4 questions that needs to be addressed

Who is suitable for hair transplant?

Before taking the treatment we provide proper guidance to the patients that whether this treatment is suitable for them or not? We check your suitability for the treatment by considering

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Level of baldness and thinning area
  • What is the root cause of hair loss
  • Requirement for the grafts
  • Quality of the desired results

Therefore today there is no need to worry almost everyone can have this surgery and can regain his natural look and confidence.

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What are Techniques for the hair treatment

For HT there are mainly two procedures which are followed by the surgeons

Follicular unit transplant method

FUT is known as strip i removal method in which belt from the scalp is extracted from donor area and divided into groups of follicles then these grafts are transplanted  into the baldness or thinning area.

Follicular unit extraction method

FUE method is more magnificent treatment as in this method individual hair follicles are extracted and with the highly magnificent tools  these follicles are transplanted one by one so it is result oriented and requires the experienced surgeon for the treatment.

Both these methods are for hair restoration and having their advantages and disadvantages

Which service center is the best for you?

For hair transplant one must be very cognitive as it can meet or spoil your expectations so you must choose the center which is well known for the quality results.

We provide the best and life time natural results of hair surgeries so you have chosen the best by choosing us

  • pioneered and world proven techniques are used for the surgeries to provide you quality results
  • Experienced and specialized surgeon Dr. K.K.Arora who attends you personally
  • Personalized plans for treatment according to diagnosis and expectations
  • Complete and proper pre diagnosis of hair issues
  • Cost effective techniques that provide quality and feasibility
  • 24/7 care system before and after the surgery
  • Safe results without any discomfort

Whether this treatment is safe or not?

Due to advanced technologies it is possible today to do hair transplant without any kind of complications as scalp has been numbed during treatment which leads to no pain and discomfort. Even these surgeries are done without stitches and less visible scars.

So there are not any risks other than sore or redness which get healed within week related to this treatment it is completely safe so you may feel safe while taking this treatment.

Therefore Hair transplant is one of the preferred and safe methods to enjoy life time naturally growing hair without burdening your pockets and even hampering your routine.