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Perfect Hair Transplant Treatment

We give the 100% safe and permanent hair restoration surgery at low costs. Our surgeon has over 20 years of experience.

Hair transplant results are never better than provided by us

The hair transplant clinic offers state of art hair transplant surgery, we exclusively deal with the hair loss problems. Our team works hard to offer the natural and dense hairs, we implement the non-invasive therapeutic techniques for patients who look for hair growth and prevent hair loss. There are several factors that are considered for hair restoration such as age of patient, hair to skin color, hair strength and character.

We use FUT and FUE techniques for hair transplant in Auckland provided by our best hair specialists. Our surgeons are experienced in these techniques, keeping adequate knowledge and skills to deal with the hair loss and perform the successful hair transplant.

Demand of hair transplant

Today more and more patients choose our clinic at hair transplant in Wellington to achieve full satisfaction. Our main objective is to offer you safe and suitable treatment with utmost satisfaction. Our clinic is fully advanced and equipped with latest medical devices that are essential for surgical procedures.

We grow your hairs and confidence as well

We are a unique service provider in the hair restoration field offered by our highly skilled and professional surgeons who are knowledgeable in handling the variety of hair problems in both males and females as well as provide treatment of hair and scalp relate diseases.

Our specialists offer the top quality hair transplants adapting the latest techniques and technologies to offer the results that are comparable to the popular clinics across the world.

Hair transplantation field

The hair transplantation industry has observed a vast surge in the improvement of the techniques allowing patients to receive highly satisfactory, unnoticeable and natural looking hair transplants. We have achieved specialization in the hair transplant in Christchurch, body hair transplant, mustache and beard hair restoration and eyebrow redevelopment.

We strive to stay up to date about the recent advancements in the hair restoration field and to create awareness about the excellent and natural looking hair growth. We emphasize the significance of choosing the best place for hair transplant that offers the extraordinary results.


We understand that price of hair transplant is a crucial factor in deciding the surgery. Our clinic maintains the international facilities and offers world class results at the economical price. For a session of around 1500 grafts, the cost is based on per graft.  The sessions that include transplant of large count of hair, the lump cost is suggested to make the procedure more economical. The cost of the procedure includes charges for OT, surgeon’s fee, medicines, charges for room. Additionally, the offers are designed for the pre-surgery blood tests, growth factor session and after surgery care kit. The overall price structure for hair transplant in Hamilton is completely transparent and suits your budget

We do not say that our services are the cheapest in the world, but we are certainly not the costliest one. We strive to offer the best and natural hair transplant results at the economical price. Our surgeons accurately place the grafts and ensure their precise counting. Usually we finish the procedure with higher count of grafts than promised. Nominal damage to the donor area is promised that is about 8 to 10% advantageous than others. We offer the real time benefits and much better results than the old hair transplant institutes.

Why Choose Us

  1. World class equipments for hair transplant
  2. Professionally skilled and knowledgeable team of surgeons
  3. Nominally invasive surgical procedures
  4. Least damage to the donor area
  5. Higher count of implanted grafts
  6. Mild pain during the transplant
  7. Complete care
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