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Hair Transplant in Melbourne

Permanent hair transplant

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Hair transplantation is surgical procedure to overcome the problem of alopecia. It is popular and advanced treatment to have permanent natural hair and it will let you to get rid of feeling embarrass, try to conceal your hair loss and even wearing the glued wigs.

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is basically effective transfer of the healthy hair follicles from the permanent fringe area to the area without hair or having less hair. This treatment is done with the advanced and magnificent tools which not only cover your bald area but provide you permanent solution.

How hair transplantation is done?

It is the procedure in which many factors are considered before the surgery such as

  • Root cause of hair loss problem
  • Medical history of patient
  • Number of grafts required
  • Level of baldness

After evaluating all these factors our surgeon gives you the estimation about the after surgery results meeting to your requirements. After the free consultation team of experts decide about the best suited donor area which is generally back head or near the neck due to more density of hairs.

This transplant can be done with the two techniques that are pre decided by the patient and doctor.

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  1. FUT is the technique in which strip is removed from the back head or from near to neck area and after it has been dissected into group of hair follicles with proper care and handling of follicles. Then these are cultivated into the bald area with the help of robotic techniques.
  2. FUE method is modern technique for hair restoration as under this method individual follicles are removed after the tiny circular incisions around the follicles and then efficiently these follicles are transplanted to the recipient area.

Our surgeon is known for his successful less invasive surgeries that results into natural looking hair without any risk and complications. He has more than 20 years of experience in doing both Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction surgeries in Australia. He has done more than thousand successful FUE hair transplant in Melbourne alone.

Risks and recovery

Hair transplant is done after applying local anesthesia in the scalp which causes numbness of scalp so that patient can have transplant without any kind of pain and discomfort.

However sometimes patients notice some redness and swelling in the scalp immediate after the scalp but it get healed within 2-3 days.

we do hair transplantation with proper care and precautions that enables us to do surgeries without pain and complications. due to pioneered and world proven techniques it is possible for us to do surgeries without pain, stitches and even scars with 100% success ratio. After 3 -4 days of the treatment patient may get back you his work without any kind of discomfort.

After surgery results

Success of the hair transplant depends on the survival of grafts after surgery but we assure the permanent survival of grafts due to our extraordinary care of out of body grafts. We take care about the nutrient, moisture and oxygen for the grafts as this leads to longer survival of grafts.

On an average basis Within 10 -12 weeks patient may notice transplanted hair follicles that looks bit thin but with the passage of time these get thicker.

However actual results of hair transplant can be seen after one year with healthy and properly growing hair follicles.