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Hair Transplant in India

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Hair loss has become the communal problem that is snatching felicity of men and women. After suffering from hair loss they do various efforts to stop the hair loss like trying shampoo for hair fall, oils and medicines but most of the time they get failed to restore their hair.

Prime reason for the failures in efforts is that these efforts become minor and small in front of the giant hair loss problem. If you are also one of those persons that are suffering from serious baldness problem them hair transplant can be the best option for you. This option can restore hair with natural appearance for lifetime.


What is Satyam surgical process of hair transplant?

The surgical process of hair transplantation gets completed in simple 7 steps

Step 1

In first step decision for the method of hair transplant has been taken by choosing either FUT method or FUE method. Then carefully scalp analysis has been done to detect the loss resistant hair follicles to choose them as the donor follicles.

Step 2

In the next step donor area is washed with antibiotics to prevent the infection. Local anesthesia is applied to cause numbness of scalp so that patient can get painless treatment.

Step 3

Then the micro punches of having diameter less that 1mm are used to separate the hair follicles from the tissues without damaging them and then extracted according to the requirement of patient for the grafts to cover baldness.

Step 4

Extracted follicles are collected and sorted out after counting then these follicles are stored in the storage solution so that even outside the body follicles can retain their quality.

Step 5

In the next step recipient area is marked and the local anesthesia is applied so that while incision patient could not feel any pain.

Step 6

then the transplantation process get stated carefully as it is the crucial step for restoring hair with natural appearance. Hair follicles are cultivated according to the angle, distance and density of the existing hair

step 7

in the final step patient is asked to take rest for some time before leaving the center on same day. Then some instructions are given to care the transplanted grafts after surgery.

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