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Hair Transplant in Hobart

Cost effective hair transplant

Surgeries with consistency of 99% survival rate, life time natural and safe results


Hair loss is the major problem people are facing all over the world and want to regain their looks back by doing anything for them hair transplant is like boon as with the simple surgery they can get their hair back naturally for lifetime.

Alopecia medical name of baldness can hit appearance up to its extreme level and can become cause for your hiding in the social gatherings and even depression. It can be by various reasons like

  • Heredity
  • Hormonal problems
  • Mental or emotional stress
  • Side effects of medications
  • Cancer or thyroid
  • Drug addiction

So it can affect both men and women of any age even it has been observed that people in very young age suffer from this problem.

Hair transplantation can help these people to cover their hair loss on permanent basis.

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What is the procedure?

Hair transplantation is the simple procedure in which specialized doctors of plastic and cosmetic surgeries diagnose your hair issues and divide your scalp in two parts one is donor area where the healthiest and thick hair follicles are present and the other is recipient where the hair follicles are either not present or less present.

Then on the surgical day in the morning patient’s scalp is shaved to get more closer view and reach to the roots then after applying the local anesthesia hair treatment is started with the removal of hair follicles from the decided donor area and then with proper care and magnificent tools these are harvested to the bald area according the requirements of grafts to cover the baldness.

Most of the time this surgery is done in a single session of 4-5 hours even due to mega sessions number of grafts can be harvested in a single session however some time according to the needs and choice of patient this treatment is done in multiple sessions.

Risks and complications

For the hair surgeries there are fewer chances of any kind of complications and the risks during and after the surgeries.

During the surgery local anesthesia is applied to the scalp to cause numbness to it that enables the doctors to do surgeries without pain or discomfort. Some time swelling and redness in the scalp occurs but it is quite normal and within few days it gets healed.

Rarely patients witness some itching, bleeding and pain but these risks can be minimized with the proper care and precautions of the doctors.

Actual results

Within 2-3 months patient may witness the growing follicles but some time these get shed after shedding these transplanted follicles start growing like natural hair.

After one year the actual results for the treatment can be seen after one year it becomes very hard for people to distinguish the transplanted and natural hairs.

Satyam Hair Transplant Center Australia has been providing natural and life time hairs to the people since many years with 100% success ratio. We have thousands of happy clients of hair transplant in Hobart and many other cities of Australia