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Hair Transplant in Gold Coast

Complete and safe hair treatment

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Hair loss has become common problem among both men and women that fetch away their sound sleep and results into depression and worries.  But it is possible today to get your lost look and confidence back on permanent basis only due to hair transplantation.

Why hair transplantation?

It is the method to restore your hair and it natural and safe procedure that can let you free from any kind and extent of baldness.  In this treatment surgically hair follicles are efficiently extracted on affected areas due to abrupt hair fall.

There can be various reasons like pattern baldness due to hereditary, hormonal problems, cancer, thyroid or any kind of mental or emotional stress for this problem but through hair surgery it is possible to eradicate it whatever is the root cause for it, gender and age.

Even we are providing the best hair transplant that fits to your budget so now there is no need to deny for hair transplantation as it is done on permanent basis without scars, stitches and pain by us.

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Things need to know before transplantation

Hair transplant is procedure in which basically transfer of hair follicles is done from donor area of scalp to bald area with the help of magnificent tools. Surgery is done only after diagnosis and applying local anesthesia to the scalp to prevent pain during extraction and transplantation of hair grafts.

So while seeking for hair transplantation one must have sufficient information about it to prevent any chance of infeasible result or disappointment. There are few things that must consider

  • Experience and efficiency of the surgeon
  • Prior results and reputation of the center
  • Check for estimation given by center and your expectations for the results
  • Sterilizations of tools to prevent infection
  • Method for surgery whether FUT or FUE
  • Cost differentiation without compromising quality

Results after hair transplantation and choice of the hair clinic both are directly proportional to each other as only best services of center and efficiency and artistic skills of surgeon can restore your hair on permanent basis.

We in all over Australia known for our standardized and quality results specially we have thousands of our happy clients of hair transplant in Gold Coast who speak for our services, care and lifetime natural results.

After surgery results and recovery

After surgery on same day patient may get discharge as we provide surgeries without pain and stitches. Our total care system enables you to get hair treatment without any kind of complications. While discharging patients our expert surgeon provide instructions to look after transplanted hairs both verbally and in writing.

Even we provide proper and complete wash of scalp after one day of surgery to ensure the safe and hygienic results.

For the very first three days after surgery patients may witness some redness and sore scalp but there is nothing to worry it get healed by itself within 2-3 days.

Within the year of transplantation your transplanted hair may shed. Even there can be inflammation of the hair follicles can be experienced that even includes shock loss but we insure our patients for not such kind of risks and problem by taking extra care and boosting up our patients mentally and physically for preparing them for the surgery.

So here you may have natural and dense hairs that will not shed but will grow for lifetime.