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Non invasive hair transplant

Consistency of 99% Survival rate, successful hair transplants since more than two decades


If you are really aspirant to have your confidence back and natural growth of your hair then do not think twice in choosing the Satyam hair transplant center which make your dreams come true.
Whatever is the reason for your hair loss you can have complete and effective results after the hair treatment. As we deliver 100% safe and desired results by using the innovative techniques and tools for the surgery.

Our treatment

Every Australian whether man or woman can get desired look back alter having the simple surgical process of hair transplant from us as we have successfully given the best result of hair transplant. Our treatment is given with the use of simple, advanced and pioneered techniques and by the best surgeon of HT.
Our surgeon is efficient and experienced enough to give you the life time natural looking hair by using the non-invasive techniques. He is expert in doing the surgeries of hair restoration by both methods.

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Key Difference
It is follicular unit transplant method in which small grouping of hair is plucked from the donor area and harvested into the baldness areas. It is follicular unit extraction method in which the individual hair is removed and cultivated. This technique is more result oriented.

Our team of experts is efficient enough in providing quality results by using both methods. Our best and world proven technologies will give you dense and natural hair. As here we give you treatment by controlling the depth, angle and direction of implant so as to meet your requirement with safety.

Key features which distinguish us


Innovative technologies are used for the surgeries which give you the nearest possible match of your existing hair.


Non invasive techniques which will assure you surgery without pain, without scar and no stitches.


Magnificent tools which give you safe results and fastest healing time after surgery.


Cost effective methods to transplant hair which will not put any burden on your pockets


Complete diagnosis before the surgery by the experts which helps us to know about even tiny issue related to your hair loss problem and helps us to choose the most suitable method to choose for you to give you the best quality results.


24/7 total care system

is provided for the patients make them feel that they are in safe hands and under proper supervision and care.


Mega sessions

are also offered which not only saves your time but also much cost effective and result oriented.


Natural and lifetime results

after hair restoration are granted after the treatment


Customized plans

for HT will help you to get suitable treatment depending upon your hair loss problem and requirements