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Hair Transplant in Adelaide

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Hair transplant is the permanent solution for Alopecia.  Nowadays more than 50 % men and women are suffering from pattern baldness that makes them look older than their age. Baldness can give depression and stress to anyone but it can be covered with permanent hair follicles rather than plugged ones which were painful and clumsy.

Hair transplantation is surgical treatment by which you can regain your hair I natural way but before undergoing hair transplant you must be aware about few things

What is need of hair transplant?

If you are observing patches and baldness along with continue shedding of your hair follicles then it may hit your personality and confidence then you must think for various ways to enhance your personality and to cover this baldness these can be wearing hair wigs, some medications and cosmetics and even some time adopting hair style that can conceal baldness. But all these ways can be effective but surely for short term.

Opposite to it hair transplant is completely permanent solution for all your hair problems. Because of its natural and lifetime results it has become the need of the hour for them who are suffering due to abrupt and continue hair fall.

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How transplantation is done?

It is surgical procedure in which hair are transplanted after extracting from patients own scalp. Before surgery one donor area is selected according to thickness of the existing hairs. Generally hairs are taken out from the back head and near to neck.

On the surgical day scalp is shaved and local anesthesia is applied to cause numbness in the scalp after that hair follicles are extracted from donor area and transplanted to thinning and bald area.

After the surgery patient can go home without any kind of difficulty. During surgery patient does not feel any pain and even we do FUE and FUT surgeries without stitches and visible scars.

Within 90 days patient may witness the results of hair transplantation surgery and in one year actual results can be seen with properly grown transplanted hair that look natural and healthy.

Take rational decision and talk to us

Taking hair transplantation decision is not easy in itself as number of factors affect its effectiveness like

  • Level of baldness
  • Required results
  • Center chosen for surgery
  • Surgeon for hair treatment
  • Proper care after and before surgery
  • Method used for hair transplant.


One must consider all above factors while taking rational decision for surgery.

At any time you can come to us for free consultation from our experts who will diagnose your each hair issue and provide you the best estimation for the after surgery results and even cost for the treatment.

Our expert and specialized surgeon who is master in both academic, cosmetic and artistic skills gives you best hair results for whole life. He is having more than 20 years of experience in his career.


Satyam Hair Transplant Center is well known center for providing world best services. Our results and happy clients of hair transplant in Adelaide and other major cities of Australia,

Our 24/7 total care system enables you to have best and safe treatment so that there can be no room for regret in future for you. Even our pioneered technologies and mega sessions not only give you satisfaction after treatment but also save your time and cost without compromising for quality.