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Winter season is considered as most cheerful and joyful season. Most of the people enjoy the foggy days, sun shines and even it is considered as season of love. Many problems related to health and hair spoil the enjoyment of this season and dandruff is the most common problem faced by people.

There can be different reasons for the dandruff in different people but in winter season most common reason for this problem can be as follows

  1. Some people avoid the often shampoo in the winters so it can be cause for dandruff.
  2. Everyone enjoys the cool breeze but this breeze makes the skin dry and cause dandruff.
  3. Dandruff can come if you do not comb or brush your hair properly.
  4. Some people have problem of yeast due to much exposure to dust or polluted environment and if this yeast remains in the hair for longer time then turn into dandruff.
  5. Skin allergies, diseases or some side effects of the hair care products or medicines can also cause the same problem.
  6. If the person is not having healthy eating habits then due to lack of nutrition required for hair problem of dandruff can occur.

However the problem of dandruff is common in the winter season but one can easily get rid from this problem in the winters with the following tips

Choose the suitable shampoo

Person must choose shampoo and conditioner according to his hair type. Especially in the winters person should seek for some shampoo which is anti dandruff and does not make his hair dry.

Often hair wash

People avoid having much hair wash in chilly winters but dirty hairs can be home for dandruff and even the cool breeze in chilled weather can cause much dryness in the hair. So try to have regular and proper hair wash in winters. You can use little warm water for wash but hot water must be avoided as it can also harm your hair by causing dryness after wash.

Proper comb

Messy hair can also lead to dandruff so you must comb or brush your hair properly so that all mess can be removed.

Proper massage

Oiling is the diet for hair but especially in the winters it is important to have proper oiling before the hair wash and proper massage of hair with suitable oil according to hair type. Oiling provide moisture to dry scalp and prevent the dandruff.

Fiber cap

Instead of using hats or cap that can cause dandruff in winters you must use the fiber cap to prevent your head from cold hair your hair from dandruff.

Proper diet

You must have balanced diet by adding zinc, omega 3, vitamin B and E for preventing the dandruff from hair

Hair masks

Hair masks can also help you to get rid from the dandruff in winters and even other home remedies like use of Amla , Neem or Sikakayi can also helpĀ  in preventing the dandruff.