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FUT Hair Transplant

It is never a desire for anyone to experience bad events in life but things just happen. One of those events is baldness or hair thinning. It can’t give an alarm but you just see it happening. Androgenic Alopecia in men and thinning in women is not a joking matter and any kind of hair loss bangs our heads. Unless the actual cause is identified time and costs may be at waste. It should be known that the causes may be temporary or permanent for example genetic cause.

Some of the causes are smoking, hormonal imbalance especially in women, over consumption of alcohol, stress, treatments and diminishing immune system. The changes in our bodies can affect the ability to resistance any attack hence striking uncommon effects like hair loss.

For years, hair transplant procedures, especially with FUT, have been executed to dismiss hair fall which has helped many retain their public self-esteem. A good FUT procedure can bear good results when pro-operative, post-operative concerns are a priority.

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FUT as a hair restoration procedure

Follicular Unit Transplant is a procedure where hair follicles are extracted from the donor site in form of a strip and then implanted in the recipient site. This technique is favorable for those with a big affected area and with a good density of hair in the donor sites.


Preoperative concerns

  • Just like any other surgical procedure, there are dos and don’ts, follow your doctor’s advice to prevent complications
  • Have multiple consultation visits with your hair surgeon
  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol a week before the procedure
  • Avoid taking multivitamins and aspirins
  • Consult your medical doctor in case of any past health defect or disease.


The process of FUT

It is known to be an invasive technique because it involves the cutting of a strip from the donor area but has a number of admirations.

  • The first step in any hair transplant procedure is marking the affected area and knowing the sources for the needed hair follicles. In most cases, when there is little hair in the donor site, hair can be got from the chest, beards and sideburns.
  • For those that may have grey hair, they are advised to dye their hair three or four days to the procedure.
  • The second step is anesthesia administration in order to prevent any pain during the process. The strip is then cut from the donor area and the wound is sutured. The area is then covered with bandage for protection
  • The grafts from the strip are individually separated under a microscope and are preserved under a temperature to control their lifetime.
  • The holes are made in the recipient area and the individual grafts are then implanted there. It is ensured that the grafts are positioned in the same direction as the existing hair in order to give the new hair a natural and healthy look.

These days, there are many treatments including injections and oral medications are given to produce healthy and natural looking hair.


Postoperative concerns

  • Avoid exercising and hitting your head
  • Make it a point to follow doctor’s prescriptions and advice
  • Sleep while the head is elevated using pillows
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol

The role of FUT as a hair transplant technique

The expert will always tell you the best technique for your head but here is the uniqueness in FUT

  1. More grafts are provided in the shortest time possible and there is no chance of shortage
  2. It is a cheaper procedure compared to the other techniques
  • Its ideal for those badly affected with baldness as it provides more grafts.

Hair transplants are a good way to go when all other possibilities have failed and when you approach a good expert in this field. First know where, when and how to have the procedure done. Hygiene should be a priority since health is also priority