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1. Please suggest the type of punch is used?

Answer –

We use Harris punch.

2. Is it essential to follow a medical prescription during the treatment? If yes, what is it type of?

Answer –

We do not give any medical prescription before the hair transplant surgery. However, after the treatment, intake of pain killers is suggested to ensure the better hair growth but you are not forced to do so.

3. When will the wounds heal?

Answer –

The wounds will heal within 2 to 3 days or within a week in the severe conditions.

4. After how long, I can join office?

Answer –

You can join office even the next day of the treatment however it is suggested to avoid lifting heavy materials or activities for minimum two weeks.

5. How long will it take to become invisible?

Answer –

The scars will be invisible and transplanted hairs will be unrecognizable utmost within two to three weeks.

6. Where can I get the treatment?

Answer –

You need to come to India for the hair transplant procedure. Dr. K.K. Arora has a fully equipped center here that is operated by him with his professionally qualified team of surgeons, doctors and nurses.