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Cost of Hair Transplant

Cost of Hair Transplantation

We are familiar with the fact that Hair Transplant is a major factor that is considered in the hair restoration treatment. We at Satyam Hair Transplant Center offer the world class amenities at the very competitive prices. To receive the hair transplant session of about 1500 grafts, the price is decided depending on the grafts. For bigger sessions, total price quote reference is given to conduct an affordable surgery.

Please see below details of the our Standard package and Premium package for F.U.E. hair transplant surgery.

Standard Package of Hair Transplant

  • INR 89* for scalp grafts (which is appx 1.90 AUD)
  • INR 169* for body grafts(which is appx AUD 3.67) effective for bookings after Feb 1, 2015.
  • Under this package 85% of the work is done by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling, 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting, 100% slit making)
  • Used but completely sterilized Harris punch used under this package.
  • Patients need to pay INR 5600 for Post- procedure care kit cost
  • Standard Lab test charges
  • Charge for car pick up and drop in from your hotel to our office in Chandigarh @ INR 27 per Km.

Premium Package of Hair Transplant

  • INR 99* for scalp grafts (which is appx AUD 2.15)
  • INR 179* for body grafts (which is appx AUD 3.89) effective for bookings after Feb 1, 2014.
  • Under this package 85% of the work is done by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling, 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting, 100% slit making)
  • Completely new imported Harris punch are used under this package
  • No Lab Charges
  • free post care kit (valued at $120 AUD) provided to the patients.
  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel to our Chandigarh office is complimentary.

The cost of hair transplant includes the OT charges, surgeon’s cost, medicine and patient room price. Besides the packages include the pre-surgery blood tests, growth factory treatment sessions and after hair transplant surgery pack. We offer the transparent quotes that do not include any hidden charges.

We do not say that our hair transplantation cost is the cheapest on this planet and are certainly we are also not the costly. However, the assured fact is that you will receive the most feasible Hair transplantation results at an economical price. Quality is accessible at price. We confirm the accurate graft number. In many cases, the transplantation offers more than assured results. Our surgeons result in minimum damage to your donor area that is around 8 to 10% better than other clinics. We confirm the real time featured implantation that guaranteed offers the better outcomes than traditional hair transplantation outcomes.

Why you should choose Satyam Hair Transplantation?

In assistance of Dr. K.K Arora, the hair transplantation surgeries become more economical than you can ever expect without any compromise with quality. When you need any kind of help, we are here to assist you. The results offered can be made last for permanent term with the need of specific kinds of medication.

Healing time subsequent the FUE transplant is much smaller than conventional strip restoration surgery. We often suggest you to take a leave for one day or two to ensure that you get good feeling and can resume the regular activities within a week without any complication.

Our team of professional and qualified surgeons help in diagnosing the various hair loss issues that affect your outlook.

If you are looking around for the most affordable Hair transplant surgery then keep in mind that it is not a deal that should be negotiated. However if you are able to find such kind of offer then after getting its review you will find that the results are poor and you will lose money and require another treatment.

More usually than not, if you are looking for economical service, you will see many failed people who have got a hair transplant and have left empty hands. Our popular hair transplant clinic Satyam Hair Transplant Center, we follow the reputed procedures that are proven and known for offering the safest results. The price of hair transplantation and the success depends on the different factors such as:

  1. Before and after treatment care
  2. Extent of baldness
  3. Extraction technique
  4. Convenience of procedure
  5. Required density
  6. Size of surgeons team

In addition of offering a suitable price and excellent quality service, we at Satyam Hair Transplant clinic also offer a dedicated promise.

Anyone from you interested to know the full hair transplant cost in India and hair transplant Cost in Canada you can follow these links and visit our other websites. We provide you all the details that you’re looking for.