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Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison

When it comes to hair transplantation, the surgeons at Satyam Hair Transplant Center offer a great service at economical price. We promise to deliver the best hair transplant methods that are popular in the present market to offer the dense and natural looking hairs. It is impossible to find such kind of trust and reliability in the service at the very low price. Do you want to save few of your pennies with the compromise on quality of service offered? If not then choose our team of surgeons who are committed to deliver the excellent quality results even at the reasonable price.

Region ISHRS membership (Actual) % of Total SHT Centre
Canada 393 40.0 51
Australia 67 6.8 20
United Kingdom
49 5.0 15

Exceptional Hair transplantation results

Our promise of outperforming your needs in the hair transplantation provides us a supreme position in the current cutting edge competitive market.

Keep in mind that hair loss may occur at any stage of your life. If you have been looking for hair transplantation methods to get perfect hair density and growth, Dr. K.K. Arora will help you in attaining the best hair restoration results. Once you get the outstanding results provided by our surgeon, you will regret your decision. So begin counting the newly grown hairs rather those falling.

Our special team of surgeons achieves magnificent and natural hairlines with follicular unit grafting and micrografting. The crosshatching technique grafts are skillfully placed at the different angles and directions so that restored hairline matches with the naturally growing hair. Every treatment plan is personalized to the individual’s requirements. We precisely understand that two hair transplants are not same. Select a top-notch and careful surgery center that works with you and assist you in each step of the process.

If you are suffering from hair loss problem continuously, do not lose hope. Don’t be caught by the stress that is caused by abrupt hair fall. Our surgeons will help you in getting the proper treatment.

More economically priced hair transplants than other centers

When it comes to hair transplantation, you should not only look for the price of treatment, quality and length of results. These essential factors will enable you making the best deal in the hair restoration.

The hair loss in males and females is usually disguised with existing hairs, many people choose to hide their hair fall problems from others. Hair loss is steady with the rate increasing during pregnancy and menopause. Hair loss is a big trouble in men that occurs due to various reasons such as male pattern baldness, side effect of medicine, surgical effects etc.

We at Satyam Hair Transplant Center offer more economically priced hair restoration treatment than other centers in the world.

Cost Comparisons

  1. An average FUE cost applied by the centers across the globe varies from $5 – $20
  2. Hair transplant cost for FUE applied by many Indian centers varies up to $3

Don’t be worried about the cost after observing the above factors as Dr. K.K. Arora offers the same service n less than $2. So you can be rest assured of no burden on your pocket when you choose Satyam institute for your hair care.